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Gaining registration for your product and maintaining it can be difficult at the best of times. Add in the legislative minefields of all your target countries and things can very quickly become a complicated and costly exercise. With locations in the EU, Japan, the US and China, LSR associates is here to help you.

We have a level of experience and expertise that few other regulatory consultancies can match. In fact, we have submitted more chemical and agrochemical dossiers than any other consultancy group. And the people that make up our experienced teams of specialists are still involved in industry on a daily basis allowing them to form a bridge between practical experience and innovative solutions.

To help you to achieve your goals, our experts can provide you with:

  • Strategic solutions aligned to your business goals
  • Expertise and experience for technically sound scientific and regulatory advice
  • Innovative ideas and cost-effective solutions

We want to help you reach your next milestone as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. So, whatever your project, LSR associates will provide you with the right level of expertise and resource as and when you need it.



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